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Look here to solve questions you may have

1. How to buy?

You can buy through our website 

2. How to use it?

You can use it as a Warmer only, after heating tortillas on the skillet (the Mexican way)

 Or you can heat tortillas inside the warmer in the microwave for about 40 seconds.

Or simply place in the Tortillero those tortillas that had been previously heated on the burner of your stove, to keep them warm throughout the entire meal.

3. Whats the size of the taco warmer?

12” Burrito size

4. What else can I put in it?

Great for tortillas, breads, pancakes, burritos, tamales, potatoes and more...

5. How to clean it?

You can clean it in the washing machine or by hand, easy on soap, no bleach, air dry only.

 6. What are your shipping methods?

We count with USPS diferents delivery rates:
- First Class Package
- Priority Mail
- Priority Mail Express
- Ground Advantage